Sea Breeze Beach House exterior and garden

The Sea Breeze Beach House Entrance from the Car Parking Area

There are three steps and a small gate entrance leading into the Sea Breeze garden with a sensor light to illuminate the steps at night.  There are shingle stones and  two railway sleeper steps leading to a small step onto the patio of the Sea Breeze Beach House.

There is a step and a small gate into the main garden at Awelon.

The Sea Breeze Beach House is an open space single storey cabin.

Due to the steps and narrow enrrance to the garden it would not be suitable for someone with linited mobility or with a wheelchair.

Awelon Garden Entrance Path

  • There are granite cobbles leading from the entrance gate to the patio area.
  • There are four wide steps leading up to the patio area to the front door with lights that are illuminated at night up the walkway and illuminating the steps.
  • There is a mixture of cobbles and patio slabs by the entrance way to the front door.
  • There is a small low step down into the front door hallway.
  • From the guest sitting room there are double doors, and a low tiny step onto cobbles leading out onto the patio with patio slabs.
  • There are large raised individual patio steps leading onto the wooden sun deck.

Awelon garden entrance path